What's the point?

A few weeks ago I wrote this post and didn't get round to posting it and I guess I was a bit nervous about posting it as it was quite personal, but then I read this post by Belinda and was inspired by her courage (she had been scared to share her post too!). So I thought why not share what I have been struggling with as well because I think in reality they are similar struggles to others. I think it always helps when you realise that other people are dealing with and working through similar things to you. 

Sometimes I start to wonder what the point is when It comes to my creative work. It just seems that there are so many people out there doing a similar thing to me and frankly doing it better - I wonder if there's room for me? And if another person doing this sort of thing is needed. I start looking at all the people doing it better and sometimes think I shouldn't bother. 

But then I remember that it is not just about what I produce and bring into the world creatively - it is also about the journey and the act of creating. And I LOVE it - and so I guess giving up is not really an option because there would be a hole/a void in my life. 

Before the Internet I guess there were still people all over the world working on similar goals as you and me, but we didn't know about it - but now everybody is sharing their work online and has a website, Twitter and Instagram. 

I suppose as I kind of mentioned above I am writing this in the spirit of authenticity and honesty. The last couple of weeks have been a bit tough creatively - I have been questioning what I have to offer, what I can bring to this global creative community that is new and fresh and am I good enough? I guess we all have days like this and the Internet is full of people reminding each other that 'comparison is the thief of joy'.

So what can I do about it? I wrote a little while ago about learning to live with less - and I think in my head when I wrote that I was really talking about physical objects - i.e. not needing as many possessions - but I need to remember I am a consumer too when it comes to the Internet. I think it is amazing that so many people can share their creativity, their writing and their journey online, (and that is exactly what I am doing here) but maybe I have a responsibility to my creativity and my well-being to consume a bit less of it. I am not exactly sure what it will look like but I guess it might mean having a bit of a sort through of my Twitter, Instagram and Feedly accounts and cutting back on how many people I follow. I read this article the other day asking the question can too much inspiration actually be harmful? I am the first to acknowledge all the amazing things about the Internet and one of the things I have been loving at the moment is the new creative friends I have been making on the Internet and actually meeting in real life...but I think it is time that I start to acknowledge that there are some downsides - I am starting to try and work out how I can protect myself and make sure my creativity is not affected negatively. 

I think it is a relief to know that other creatives that I admire struggle with similar things and so I am going to pick myself up, work hard and keep tackling my to-do list and coming up with new ideas. I really love what I am doing and am going to keep working at growing my little business. 

After I finished writing this post I read this blog post by Seth Godin, and was really struck by the following quote >  "Pretty good ideas are easy. The guts and persistence and talent to create, ship and stick it out are what's hard." - And he is right... that is the hard bit. But I feel even more inspired to stick it out and keep going when I am struggling and finding it hard. 

I hope you all have a really lovely and creative Friday! Don't forget you are unique and you totally have something to offer! 

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